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Renew Online Via Credit Card  (Follow these steps:)

  1.  Login using your e-mail & password  (Click the Log In Button at the top of the page and follow the instructions to reset your password if you forgot it.)
  2.  Click your "NAME" at the top of the page to access your profile.  
  3.  Scroll down and Hit the "Renewal to 3/1/202#" button.  (Don't hit the Edit Profile Button)
  4.  Scroll down and Click agree to the Liability Release Waiver and Club Rules
  5.  Scroll down and Click the "Update and Next" button to make a Credit Card payment  
  6.  Call Kathleen O'Neill (408) 590-3933 if you need help!

Helpful Hints:

Renewal Period: The system won't let you renew your membership until after the 1st of the year.

For Family Memberships, the Primary Membership Coordinator has to log into their profile to do the renewal.  (Not a family member).  There is no renewal button available for a family member, only the Family Coordinator can renew online.  The Coordinator is the person who submitted the application.  If you need change the Coordinator of your family membership, contact the Membership Director.

Credit Card:  Any Credit Card (except American Express).  The credit card does not have to belong to the person on the membership.  If you pay by Credit Card, 2.9% plus .30 will be added to your invoice to cover Credit Card Merchant Fees.

Changing Membership Level:  If you want to change from Family to Single, Single to Family, or you were a member on a family membership, but are now 18 and want your own membership,  please contact the Membership Director.

Family & Junior Memberships:  You will be contacted to sign a liability waiver for all family and junior members.

Renewing with a Lapsed Membership:   If you let you membership lapse from the previous year and you want to renew, please contact the Membership Director.  There may be late fees in accordance to the Bylaws.

Email on Record:  You can't login with an email that you didn't record on your membership.  If you need to have your email changed, please contact the Membership Director.

Discount/Promotion Code:  If applicable, a Discount Code box is displayed just under the acceptance boxes for rules & liability....on your application - Just before you submit and go onto the payment page.

Renew Membership or Apply for Membership by Mail

Click here to Print & Mail a Membership Application Form 

Mail signed forms with check (payable to SCCHA) to:

SCCHA - Membership

           P.O. Box 20124

           San Jose, CA 95160


Renew in person at the club meeting

Club meetings are typically the 3rd Friday each month at the clubhouse (No General Meetings in July or December)

The meetings & events are published on the Events Calendar.

Reinstating a Prior Member

SCCHA encourages their members to stay current. A prior member can reinstate their membership with this process: 

Annual payments are considered delinquent, and will "Lapse", if not paid by March 1.

Within the 1st year of delinquency, simply pay the annual dues before Dec 31st. •

Within 2nd year of delinquency, either bring dues up-to-date by paying past dues, as noted below, or reapply for membership under the New Membership Process.

o Pay Prior Year’s Annual Dues + 20% delinquency fee

o Pay Current Year’s Annual Dues

A prior member, delinquent for over two (2) years,  must reapply for membership under the New Membership process.

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