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2024 English Schooling Show Series

Sunday, June 9 -Summer Fun
Sunday, Aug 25 -Series Finalé
Warm-up opens at 9 AM -Show starts at 9:30 AM 
Entry fees: $20/class or $55/division
Lead Line Entry fee: $10

SCCHA member discount: $15/class or $40/division.

Enter online at  Entries close 3 days before show.

    Welcome!  Working to promote good fellowship between horsemen and provide a greater understanding of horses, we offer this English Schooling Show Series as an opportunity to the community for a fun, low-key introduction to learn about the English show ring.  This event is a great occasion to show your friends and family the skills you and your horse have learned and for riders and the community to experience the excitement and camaraderie of friendly competition. Beginner and more experienced riders alike will enjoy a variety of standard and unique classes that challenge their foundational skills in a show setting.  

    Attire: The hunter/jumper sport is one based in tradition.  While not required, appropriate attire is appreciated and consists of a hunt coat, a shirt with collar, breeches, and tall boots or boots and half chaps or jodhpurs.  While the only requirement is the rider wear boots, we ask that as you consider this info as you make decisions related to attire and equipment.

    Protective headgear: Protective headgear which meets or exceeds ASTM/SEI standards for equestrian use and carries an SEI tag must be worn by all riders at all times when mounted on a horse or pony.  Headgear must be properly fitted with the harness secure at all times.

      Basic Show Etiquette

          • Enter arena in a timely manner -walk in and out of the arena gate.
          • Keep area around gate clear.
          • Always pass another horse on the inside of arena.
          • Always keep at least one-horse length between your horse and another horse.   
          • If your horse is out of control, move to the center of the arena.
          • Be aware of other riders and their locations, especially when passing.
          • Show courtesy to fellow riders and show officials, in and out of the arena.
          • Everyone present at the show should be aware and respectful of riders in classes and avoid making a disturbance outside the arena that interfere with the classes and general safety.
          • If your horse kicks or has ever kicked at another horse or person, a red ribbon should be placed on the horse’s tail. If the horse continues to exhibit this behavior the Horse Leaders/Judges reserve the right to excuse the horse from any classes.
          • Smile, have fun, and learn lots!

        Class Descriptions

        The following is a description of the different classes offered and what to expect in the show ring during your class.  All divisions (except lead-line) will have sections based on the rider’s age as of Jan 1, 2024: 11 & under, 12-17, 18-35, and 36 & overAll divisions (except lead-line) will have sections based on the rider’s age as of Jan 1, 2024: 11 & under, 12-17, 18-35, and 36 & overAge groups may be combined (17 & under/18 & over) or split (A/B) for classes with less than 3 entries, or more than 10 entries. The Open division is open to riders of all abilities and can include both riders/horse that may also be entered in the Walk-Trot or Walk-Trot-Canter divisions. 

        Lead Line

        Lead line ~Open to all riders 7 years and under to give our youngest riders their first taste of the thrill of a horse show and whet their appetite for a lifetime of equestrian pursuits! Exhibitors must enter the ring at a walk and must be lead by an experienced handler, over age 13, holding a lead line or rein attached to the halter or bridle. The rider will be judged on position and a smiling, confident manner. (A very young rider who can’t quite help steer or kick the horse into a trot yet, it helps if the handler has a good feel of the horse so the cues are quiet. If the young rider is more experienced, they should be doing most of the work.) Horse to be worked both directions at a walk and possibly trot. The safety of the exhibitors will be of primary consideration when judging this division. At the lineup, the judge may talk to each rider and ask a simple question such as what the rider’s name is or the pony’s name or color. One handler to be present in the ring with each rider. Riders may not cross into any other division.

        Open Division

        Showmanship ~Showmanship to demonstrate ability to lead, turn and move his or her animal as judge directs (straight line /circle walk, trot, turn on forehand, back up, lower head).  Handlers are encouraged to complete their own preparation (grooming) for this event. Judged: 50% on showmanship, handling (moving or leading, showing the best advantage, attitude, and poise) and knowledge, 25% on grooming and cleanliness of horse/pony and 25% on neatness and cleanliness of handler. The judge may talk to each rider and ask a question such as to name or identify a part of the horse. Horse/pony should be presented in a bridle with reigns (or halter with lead).

        Walking Race ~This is an opportunity to show impulsion and extension at the walk. Riders line up at the starting line. When the signal is given, riders have their horses walk to the opposite side of the arena. If a horse breaks stride, it is disqualified. The person who reaches the finish line first is the winner. The key to winning is learning how to extend the gait. By using one's legs while keeping the horse on the bit (to prevent the horse from trotting), the rider can engage the horse's hindquarters. This causes the horse to reach farther forward with the legs, thereby lengthening its stride.

        Equitation Challenge ~Riders working collectively as a group, may be asked to demonstrate extended and collected gaits, turns on the forehand and/or haunches and to work without irons, and other tests at the judge’s discretion. Riders will not be required to dismount or mount or to change horses.

        Walk-Trot Division (No cross entry to W-T-C Division)

        Beginning Equitation Flat (w/t) ~Riders to be judged on hands, seat, and control of mount. Horse to be worked both directions if the arena at a walk and trot. Riders may be asked for additional tests the judge may deem necessary (ex. sit-trot, jump position at walk, halt). 

        Hunt Seat Equitation over poles ~Judged the same as regular hunt seat equitation. Ground poles are trotted, and you should get up into your 2-point position a couple steps before the pole and stay in your 2-point until the horse has gone all the way over the pole. Then resume your posting trot until you get to the next pole.

        Hunter Hack Poles ~ Judged the same as Hunter Hack, over (raised) ground poles (jump position) but this class does not canter.

        Walk-Trot-Canter Division (No cross entry to W-T Division)

        Equitation Flat (w/t/c) ~Riders to be judged on hands, seat, and control of mount. Horse to be worked both directions of the arena at a walk, jog/trot, and lope/canter and shall always be on the correct lead. Riders may be asked for additional tests the judge may deem necessary (ex. sit-trot, jump position at trot, backing up).  

        Hunt Seat Equitation Cross-rails ~Judged on the rider only, including his or her position on the flat and over a course of fences and overall effectiveness while riding. Therefore, it is not imperative that the horse has perfect movement or jumping form, but it needs good manners and an attractive way of going that does not detract from the rider's performance. Jump height not to exceed 18”.  

        Hunter Hack ~Horses will be shown at a walk, trot, and canter both ways of the ring and shall be required to jump a minimum of two (2) jumps of two feet (2') (60.96cm) but not more than two feet, three inches (2’3") (68.58cm) in height. Jumps to be spaced on multiples of twelve (12) feet (3.65m), with a minimum of thirty-six (36) feet (10.97m) apart.

        Class List


        Lead Line

        Open Division


        Showmanship 11 & under


        Walking Race 11 & under


        Equitation Challenge 11 & under


        Showmanship 12-17


        Walking Race 12-17


        Equitation Challenge 12-17


        Showmanship 18-35


        Walking Race 18-35


        Equitation Challenge 18-35


        Showmanship 36 & over


        Walking Race 36 & over


        Equitation Challenge 36 & over

        Walk/Trot Division


        Beginning Equitation Flat (w/t) 11 & under


        Hunt Seat Equitation Poles 11 & under


        Hunter Hack Poles 11 & under


        Beginning Equitation Flat (w/t) 12-17


        Hunt Seat Equitation Poles 12-17


        Hunter Hack Poles 12-17


        Beginning Equitation Flat (w/t) 18-35


        Hunt Seat Equitation Poles 18-35


        Hunter Hack Poles 18-35


        Beginning Equitation Flat (w/t) 36 & over


        Hunt Seat Equitation Poles 36 & over


        Hunter Hack Poles 36 & over

        Walk/Trot/Canter Division


        Equitation Flat (w/t/c) 11 & under


        Hunt Seat Equitation Cross-rails -11 & under


        Hunter Hack -11 & under


        Equitation Flat (w/t/c) -12-17


        Hunt Seat Equitation Cross-rails -12-17


        Hunter Hack -12-17


        Equitation Flat (w/t/c) 18-35


        Hunt Seat Equitation Cross-rails 18-35


        Hunter Hack 18-35


        Equitation Flat (w/t/c) 36 & over


        Hunt Seat Equitation Cross-rails 36 & over


        Hunter Hack 36 & over

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