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Please Download these forms to view:

Membership Overview and Rules:   SCCHA Membership Overview _ Rules 2022.pdf

Trainer Policy:                                        Trainer Policy 2022.pdf

Liability Release Waiver:                     SCCHA Liability Release Waiver 2022.pdf

Membership Overview & Rules (Updated 2022)


1.    Members have many wonderful privileges, including the use of the showgrounds, arena, camping, access to the member roster, use of the arena with their trainers (who are also a member), reduced rates for events, hall and arena rentals, free ads in the newsletter, and of course, socializing at the hall with other members/guests as well as voting privileges to help direct the future of the organization.  

2.    The membership year is January 1 through December 31. 

3.    Payment for Annual membership renewal is due February 15 each year.   Membership is delinquent if not paid by March 1st.

4.    The cost of a New Membership on or after June 30th is one-half (1/2) price.

5.    New Member Process:  To qualify, you must attend three (3) events within a year, have a sponsor, be voted into the club by the Board of Directors, and pay the membership dues within 30 days.  SCCHA wants to make sure you meet people, feel welcomed, and are integrated into the group.  If you want to become a member, but don’t know an existing member, simply contact the membership director or come to the welcome desk at a monthly General Meeting or an event.   You will be introduced to a person who will guide you through the process.

6.    Reinstating a Prior Member:  SCCHA encourages their members to stay current.  A prior member can reinstate their membership with this process:  

  • Within1st year of delinquency, simply pay the annual dues before Dec 31st.   
  • Within 2nd year of delinquency, either bring dues up-to-date by paying past dues, as noted below, or reapply for membership under the New Membership Process. 
    • Pay Prior Year’s Annual Dues + 20% delinquency fee
    • Pay Current Year’s Annual Dues
  • A prior member delinquent for over two (2) years must reapply for membership. 
7.    Board of Directors:  To qualify, you must be a member for a year.


  Single Membership: One person 18 or over. (One Vote) 

  Family Membership: 2 adults and dependents under 18 residing at a single household. (One vote each adult members)

  Junior Membership:  This membership is for an individual under 18, who is not already part of a family membership.  Junior must be accompanied by an adult member to participate in riding activities. (No Vote)

  Honorary Membership:  An honorary member shall be voted into such capacity by the Board of Directors. It is a form of recognition by the Association for a specific contribution or extraordinary service within the past year of their membership. (One Vote)

  Lifetime Membership:  A lifetime member shall be voted into such capacity by the Board of Directors. A lifetime member is awarded membership without paying dues for his/her life. The award may not be transferred or passed on to another family member.  A nominee for Lifetime membership must have been a distinguished member for at least 25 continuous years and have made significant contributions by establishing a tradition of giving in one or more of the following areas: financial, professional or other services. (One Vote)


  • Access, except for events, requires a key to the locked gates.      
  • Adult members may purchase a key to the gate at the monthly meeting for $5.


A Guest must be accompanied by an adult member.   It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that Guests know and follow the Rules, complete the Liability Release Waiver, and collect the fees. 

Liability Release Waiver (Print from Website):  Guests with horse activities must sign a Liability Release Waiver.

Guests visiting for the day (Not Camping):  Guests with horse activities pay a day use fee of $20, unless the fee is already paid within a specific Event/Rental.

Guests Camping: For each night stay, a Guest pays a camping fee of $10/person plus $15/horse.  NOTE: Camping Guests do not pay additional day use fees.

Fees & Liability Release Waiver:  The Adult member is responsible for collecting fees and ensuring the Liability Release Waiver is signed and given to the Treasurer or dropped in the lockbox located on the side of the Snack shack.  Cash or checks payable to SCCHA.  You can also pay online, via credit card, through the website Store.


  1. The Showgrounds are for members' activities with horses. Members must have horses with them when using the facilities, unless they are attending a meeting, event, or volunteering.
  2. Juniors under 18: (a) supervised by an adult.  (b) must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets and appropriate riding boots.
  3. Jumping in the arena requires an approved helmet, boots, and a saddle. 
  4. Report damage of SCCHA property/grounds to a Board member immediately. 
  5. SCCHA members and their guests to sign the SCCHA Liability Release Waiver before participating in SCCHA events.
  6. Santa Clara County Health Department: No animals in the Hall or Snack Shack. 
  7. During events, dogs must be leashed and kept out of the arena.
  8. Stallions are not allowed at the showgrounds or SCCHA sponsored rides. 
  9. SCCHA reserves the right to exclude any animal from activities/events if such animal is out of control, or otherwise deemed unsafe. 
  10. Horses may not be left loose on the grounds and must have adult supervision. 
  11. Don't run or trot horses anywhere other than the arena.
  12. Don’t hose your horse off after an event.  Use a bucket/sponge if necessary or bring your own water.
  13. Tie horses to hitching posts or trailers ONLY: DO NOT TIE to fences, paddocks, arena, or trees.
  14. Arena: (a) Please limit arena turn-use to 30 minutes (while others are waiting), otherwise be considerate and share the arena.  (b) Any equipment used (including but not limited to jumps, ground poles, barrels, cones, etc.) should be removed before leaving the arena. (c) Major disturbances of the footing should be repaired, if possible, or reported so that maintenance can be carried out.
  15. Keep it “Clean”:  Leave it better than when you arrive: No Manure, Hay, Shavings, or BBQ Coals in the Trash. Use the recycling bins for bottles/cans.  Dispose of your litter/trash.   Do not use shavings in the paddocks.
  16. The Paddocks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  17. Manure Management:  Remove manure from paddocks and areas used (except the arena).  Spread the manure in the open area in the Northwest corner of the facilities (behind arena). Don’t muck out trailers in parking areas. 
  18. Fire Management: Charcoal or propane fires allowed for cooking purposes (Elevated off the ground). No wood-burning Campfires. Propane fire pits allowed with Adult Member supervision. Make sure you have water and a fire extinguisher available.  
  19. SCCHA is not liable for any Member or Guest’s personal property.
  20. Plan Ahead: You cannot use any part of the SCCHA facilities if there are Arena or Hall rentals.   
  21. Leave the bathrooms clean and the front Gate locked when you leave.


    1.    Camping is exclusively for Members and Guests who remain overnight with their horses.  You must have a horse in your group to camp.

    2.    Member’s camp free. Guests pay horse camping fees outlined in the Guest Section

    3.    Camping is confined to the area Southwest of the arena.  (In front of the Paddocks.)

    4.    Minimize noise after 10pm.  Generators may operate between 6am and 10pm

    5.    Bring your own: table and chairs; wheelbarrows/forks for manure management.

    6.    Dry camping only (no water or electrical hookups).

    7.    Water: There is non-potable water available for the horses; minimize the use of club water; bring your own personal drinking/cooking water.

    8.    Schedule Camping with Hall Rental Director Sandie Quinones (408) 927-6647.

    • Identify a “Camp Leader” as the coordinator; ensure a member has a Gate Key. 
      • Book your camping trip and request that the bathrooms are unlocked. 
      • If parts of the facility are rented, you may be denied camping. 


    Please adhere to the SCCHA Trainer Policy posted on the SCCHA website.


    The following Offenses are Cause for Immediate Loss of Membership and Expulsion from the Showgrounds:

    1.    Person Engaging in Verbal or Physical Abuse 

    2.    Behavior Deemed Severe by a Majority of Board Members


    The SCCHA Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke membership (without refund) and/or deny entrance to Showgrounds if any person or group/event does not comply with these rules.  In case of a dispute, members may contact the Board of Directors to interpret a rule or arbitrate the dispute. Rules are enforced as follows: 

    1st Offense:  Offender receives a letter with the broken rule highlighted from the rules.

    2nd Offense: Offender receives a letter and must appear before the Board of Directors to discuss the issue.  If the Offender doesn’t respond, they will lose membership privileges.

    3rd Offense:   Offender loses all membership privileges.

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