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 Interested in becoming a member?  Click here for the 2020 Membership Form

Visitors may ride in the arena, as a guest of an accompanying member, for a $20 day use fee.  A Liability Waiver is required to be completed by each guest.  Click here for the SCCHA Liability Release Waiver

For the COMPLETE RULES pertaining to Membership, Show Grounds Usage, and Camping, please review the attached link SCCHA Membership Overview & Rules 2020 (1)


3 thoughts on “Membership & Visitors”

  1. I am curious if you can help me figure out what my family’s really last name is my great uncle was the first president of the Horseman Association. Tony Costa he was in WW 1. He passed before I met him I knew his wife my aunt Mamie very well. My dad and two uncls and maternal grandfather were pall bearers at her funeral. It was an honor to be a member of her world. But now 25 years after she’s gone I can’t seem to find one single document with her and her and her husbands names on them. Tony was born Antonio and Mamie was born Mary Alice. Her sister Rose married Tony’s cousin. Also I happen to have original books from the first years established. It seems like Tony was already passed, but there is no mentioning of his widow..

  2. Sorry to see Doug (darlin ) Avery has passed away . Had been for many years . Had good times with him and Jamie camping and fishing . And all the work he put in at the Horsemens , as we all have for the love of the place and what it means to each and everyone who had been a part of the club .Miss u my old friend . Lorie (Mayne) Crosby 🙏💕

    • Lorie, What a sweet remembrance of Doug. I know he was a big part of our club, and his skillful handiwork still stands today. We appreciate our long-time members, even though many of us newer members may not have been around back then, but we hear stories! Doug is part of that legacy of long-time members who helped make our Horsemen’s what it is today.
      Linda Carcione


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