Hoofbeats: Junior Program

Mission Statement

  • To encourage junior’s participation and education in horsemanship, sportsmanship, and leadership.
  • To provide activities and events that will continue the growth of our equestrian community.


  •  Our goal is to keep the equestrian community alive and well by nurturing and supporting our young equestrians.


  • Educational Opportunities both mounted and unmounted
  • Clinics
  • Camping
  • Horse Events
  • Games, Crafts & Fun Activities
  • Movie Nights
  • Juniors make the club dinner once a year!
  • Fun activity and meeting once a quarter before the monthly club dinner/meeting.
  • Community Service opportunities
  • We are working on a scholarship program – TBD stay tuned.

Some Sample Ideas of Junior Events to come…

  • Holiday Deck the stalls photo contest (Youth members decorate their horses stall and send in a photo for a prize. )
  • Halloween – club parade/contest, pumpkin carving
  • Wild West barrel race 
  • “Fam”Khana  (Youth members can lead line their parent or family member through the patterns….)
  • Tack Sale


Juniors, under the age of 18, with an interest in equines. 

Parent/guardian to participate and help support the program.

Junior members (either Junior membership or part of Family Membership) can attend events with a designated/authorized adult.  Junior guests need to have their parent/guardian present.

Liability Waivers must be on-file!

Juniors must be members of SCCHA to participate in all the fun activities that membership brings.  Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the junior program, as a guest, for up to 3 events. 

Junior events will have sign-in or registration, with RSVP in advance for many of the events. (To be determined by the event!!)

Please pass this information along to juniors and their parents/guardians who may be interested.   It’s a great opportunity for community equestrian comradery and a way to meet others in an easy-going social setting.

Join Now as a Junior with your Parent/Guardian to help the program and volunteer at events.   You will receive information about Junior activities that you can RSVP to attend.

Click here to Enroll in the Hoofbeats Junior Program

We need your input and donations (craft supplies or $)!!  This program is just starting up.  If you have suggestions or you don’t have a Junior enrolled in the program, but want to volunteer, feel free to drop a note to sccha.1939@gmail.com -Kathleen O’Neill is the Junior Program Board Member Contact.